THE BLACK LIVES CAUCUS is a nonpartisan politcal action committee focused on bringing about positive change in our society through the democratic process. Our goal is to hold elected officials, and candidates seeking office resposible for introducing legislation that will:

•  Help bring an end to unjustified killings by law enforcement

•  Increase municipal/federal spending on education

•  Jail financial criminals who deteriorate our economy at the expense of 99%

•  Reduce our prison population, and slow down the rate of imprisonment for non-violent offenses.

•  Tax the rich to better fund programs that can help to reduce the poverty level, and promote entrepreneurship

•  End credit discrimination in terms of eligibility for housing, and employment

•  Make it easier for non-violent immigrants living in America for certain amount of years to obtain working authorization, and citizenship status


Our plan is simple. Join together under one umbrella, and vote as one. We will request sit-downs with those interested in support of our voting bloc, to negotiate the terms of our votes. If they fail on their behalf, we vote them out the next time around. It’s simple. Join the movement. Let’s force our voices to be heard.